I Have Accepted an Appointment to the Pottstown Human Relations Commission

On December 10, the Pottstown Borough Council voted to appointment me to the PHRC as a Commissioner, to fill a vacant term to expire March 21, 2021, and I am proud to announce that I have graciously accepted this appointment.

The Pottstown Human Relations Commission was established by ordinance in 1967 as one of the first municipal Human Relations Commissions in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.  The Pottstown HRC works generally to improve the quality of human relations within the Borough.

The PHRC’s mission is to promote mutual understanding, respect and cooperation among all racial, cultural, religious, ethnic, and other groups within the Borough by monitoring the status of human relations in the Borough, holding multi-cultural educational events, and providing mediation and referral services to Borough residents as an opportunity to openly discuss conflict, and determine whether reconciliation is possible.  In mediation, the parties may speak in a confidential setting directly to each other, and may be themselves heard.

When necessary, the PHRC refers individuals to the Pennsylvania Human Relations Commission for consideration of a formal hearing.

I look forward to serving my community in this capacity, and improving the overall health and economy of the Borough of Pottstown.